Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Just being cute....

One Last Bama Bella

Roll Tide!

More Bama Bella

Here are a few other pics of Bella cheering on her team! This is her "official" University of Alabama cheerleading outift that looks just like the ones the "real" cheerleaders wear!

Daddy and Bella

Sleeping with Daddy!

Wild Woman

Just a cute little snapshot of Bella in her robe after her evening bath!!!!

Poor Bella

Last week, Bella had infections in both ears and a little cold, which caused her to be congested and sniffly for a few days. She got to stay at home with Mommy for two days!!! Here is a pic of the pitiful little patient!! Luckily - Bella was back to her jovial self in no time at all!

The Littlest (and Cutest) Cheerleader

Bella cheering on her team!! These pictures were taken in late September for the Florida/Alabama game!!! Roll Tide!

Bella in the Cotton Fields

Bella and Brannon went to Huxford to visit during Brannon's break between quarters the last week of September. Unfortunately, the cotton had not bloomed, so it was still very green instead of a pretty snow white. Here are a few pics of Bella watching the tractors in front of some of her Paw-Paw's cotton!

Monday, October 2, 2006

The Littlest Grocery Shopper

We went to Harry's (a whole foods store) on Friday night to get a few items and they have little kiddie carts that have flags that say "Customer in Training"! Well, Bella pushed one around for most of the shopping experience! It isn't the best picture as all we had were our cell phones, but you get the idea!