Friday, March 16, 2007

Driving Momma's Truck

Snuggling with Brooklyn

Brooklyn was napping on our bed one day last week and Georgia joined her for a little nap!

Where did the grasshopper go?

Bella and the Grasshopper

Bella found a grasshopper last weekend while we were outside and was quite fascinated by him!

Here is a picture of her sitting with her grasshopper.

Bella's Tricycle

Bella got her first tricycle! Her legs aren't quite long enough to pedal yet, but she loves to sit on it and have someone push her around!


Here is Brooklyn "just a swingin'" - well, actually she got to lounging so that she stopped the swing with her foot!

Attempt at a group picture

Here are the attempts we made to get a picture of my siblings, our spouses and our children. Bella didn't want to have her picture made, but here are the pictures we got...

From left: Brannon, Beth, David, Angie, DJ, Father Bob, Allison, Michael (red shirt), Jenny (in chair), Chris (kneeling next to chair). Jenny is holding Brooklyn and Zach and Chris is holding Whitney and attempting to hold Bella.


We had all three babies - Brooklyn, Whitney and Zach - baptized on March 4th.

Zachary Alexander

Whitney Michelle

Brooklyn Elizabeth

Grammie and the three newest grandbabies

There have been three new in our family since November. Brooklyn was born November 9th, Whitney was born November 24th, and Zach was born January 16th! Here is our mom with all three of the new babies - we weren't able to get a picture of her with all 5 of her grandkids as the babies got upset after a few minutes of being squished together!
From left to right are Brooklyn, Zach (in the middle) and Whitney.

Happy Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Day I made donuts with red buttercream icing for Bella! As you can see in the pictures, she enjoyed the donuts, but she enjoyed the icing even more!

Miss Brooklyn slept through it all!!!

Bella's New Hairstyle!

Bella finally has enough hair to put bow in!! YAY!!! No more calling her a boy, just because she isn't in pink...Here are a few pics of her little sprigs. She quickly learned how to take these out of her hair after I painstakingly put them in there, so she very rarely actually wears bows!

You lookin' at me?

Side view....

A view from the back...

Bella, Brooklyn and their Great Grandmother

This is a picture of Bella and Brooklyn and their Great Grannie, who turned 90 this past year! {Brannon's Grannie (his dad's mom)}

Where is Bella?

Bella loves her beanie baby friends - she has sooo many and they all sleep with her at night! Here is a glimpse of her crib - there are times when you can't find Bella for the animals and the blankets!

Helping out with the laundry

Bella loves to "help" with the laundry. She will throw everything out of the clothes basket and then take the clothes basket and push it around the house! She will even put some items on her while she pushes the basket around!

Walking in Daddy's shoes

Or at least trying to walk in his shoes!