Sunday, January 28, 2007


Brooklyn is doing great - she is getting so big. She is already wearing 3-6 month clothes and she is only 11 weeks!!! She is quite the happy baby and is smiling loads for us!!!

Walking the Dog

Bella getting ready to take Georgia out for a walk (she doesn't really get to walk her, as Georgia would be doing most of the walking - but it made for a cute picture)!

Bella and the Sunset

We went to a restaurant called "Wolf Bay Lodge" that is a tributary to the Gulf. Here are a few shots we got of Bella.
Bella being her cute self!

Bella feeding the fish with Daddy

Bella and Mommy

Bella loves Corn on the Cob

Bella loves to eat corn on the cob. You give her kernel corn and she won't eat it, but give her a piece of corn on the cob and she just loves it!

Bella riding her horse

One of Bella's many Christmas gifts was a little rocking horse. It took her a couple of days, maybe a week, to warm up to it, but now she will get on it all by herself and rock back and forth. She's even been spotted putting her baby doll on the horse and rocking her back and forth!

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!! We are doing great..Still getting settled and still very limited on our internet access, so I will update more in a couple of weeks!

Brooklyn at 8-weeks

Sweet baby....

Bella 4-wheeler

Here is Bella on her motorized 4-wheeler. She likes to push the button to make it go - but doesn't like to hold the button down - so it is a bit of a jerky ride with her driving!

Bella's 1st Tractor

Bella on her very first John Deere!

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas and the girls got so many great gifts!! It was a bit overwhelming and we opened gifts for her in shifts - mainly because she wanted to play with everything she got right away! Here are a few shots from Christmas morning...

Brooklyn at 7-1/2 weeks

Bella visits the Dentist

Just before we moved, Bella fell and hit one of her teeth and it moved back a bit, so we paid a visit to the dentist after we moved. Luckily, everything was fine and the tooth had even moved back into place by the time we saw the dentist!

Feeding the birds with Pop

Bella is helping her Pop feed the birds around his house....She gets to see the birds eating their food each morning out the back door.

Brannon's a DOCTOR!!!!

Brannon graduated from Life University and is now a "Doctor"!!!! YAY!! Here are a few pics from graduation.

Brannon getting his Doctorate sash adjusted to reflect doctor status...

Brannon walking across the stage and returning to his seat....

The Bag Piper leading the exit procession.

Sisterly Love

The Parmer sisters - two legged and four legged - sharing some morning love!

Do you think I'm too big for this seat????

Brooklyn at 5 weeks

Here is Brooklyn at 5-weeks!