Friday, April 27, 2007

Good News

We got Brannon's scores for Part III of his National Chiropractic Boards that he took back in March and he passed with flying colors!!!! He has Part IV to take in about 3 weeks!!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Updated Portraits

We finally had some new pictures made of the girls! Bella is 20 months and Brooklyn is 5 months in these pictures. Bella was not too fond of having her picture made this time around! Brooklyn on the other hand seemed to really enjoy herself (as you'll see from all the smiles)!!!

Sweet girls!


Two cute sisters

Happy Girl

The Family

Sweet (but serious) girl

Brooklyn in her Baptismal Gown

Rain Rain Go Away

Hunting Easter Eggs

Bella went to two Easter egg hunts this year! We practiced "hunting" eggs the entire week before in the den, so she was a pro! They had not really hidden the eggs for the littler ones, but Bella did better when she had to find them! She didn't know what to do with the eggs that were just laying out in plain view.

Spring is here....

and the birds are nesting! Here are our blue bird nests with their eggs. One nest has 4 eggs and one nest had 5 eggs. Unfortunately, one nest was abandoned and we believe the other has been as well. We think the cold snap we had confused the birds or something as the one bird was being very vigilant about sitting on her little eggs and we were just waiting for them to hatch, but we don't think they will! But we have a mockingbird nest in the rose bush and the martins are nesting in the gourds. Bella loves to put out birdseed for all the birds and then watch the birds eat all that she put out for them!

Solid Foods

We started giving Brooklyn some fruits with rice cereal about a month ago!! The girl loves to eat! If Bella doesn't watch it - Brooklyn will soon catch up to her in weight!
Here are a few shots of her first night of solid foods! As you can see from her face, she wasn't too fond of the apples we tried the first night. She gets pears and bananas now and likes them both very much! There are times you cannot get the food to her quick enough!

Bella's Playhouse

Here are few pictures of Bella playing in her little outdoor playhouse!

Oh What a Trip!

Over the woods and through the hills to Grandmother's house we go!!!!

That's right we packed up the Suburban and drove over 2,000 miles to see my Grandma in New Jersey! We had a great time and the girls were excellent travellers! We drove straight through on the way up and stopped over in North Carolina on the way back!

Beth and Grandma

Beth holding Bella, Grammie holding Brooklyn and Grandma

Beth, Bella, Brooklyn and Grandma