Saturday, February 17, 2007


Just an update on what's been happening lately!

Bella is doing very well, although we think she might be starting her terrible two's phase - she has become quite the whiney little girl!

At her last weigh-in, she was up to 21 pounds. While that seems small for a 19-month old, she is in 18-24 month clothes - so she seems to be "normal" for her age!

She now has 12 teeth, aka chompers!!! Luckily, she seems to be past her biting phase (of course, soon as I say this, she'll start again)!

Her hair is getting quite long and it appears that she might be losing her little curls in the back (snif, snif) - which makes such a difference in her looks. I've been trying, unsuccessfully, to put her hair up in little pigtails to keep it out of her eyes, but given that she's never had enough hair to "fix", she doesn't really care for things in her hair, so they never last long.

She is talking so much more - she can say momma, dada, georgia, snack, thank you, no, nite nite, bye bye, puppy, and I am sure there are more. We are also teaching her sign language as well and she can sign no, please, eat, more, drink, thank you (although she speaks thank you more than she signs it). She of course babbles as well, at which time we have no idea what she is saying.

She is doing very well with her animal sounds - she knows what a cow, horse, dog, cat, pig, sheep, and duck say and she can pick these animals out in pictures very well. Most importantly, she knows that an elephant says "ROLL TIDE"! She has even been teaching Brooklyn how to do Roll Tide (she will hold Brooklyn's hands and roll them and then stretches her arms out for the Tide part)!

She enjoys watching Barnyard over and over and over and over and over! She also enjoys reading books - we have started going to the library and we check out a few books every other week or so. She also loves her stuffed animals! She also enjoys tormenting, I mean playing, with Georgia! She is actually getting quite good at playing with Georgia, although sometimes, she doesn't think it is fair when Georgia takes the toy and runs away with it - luckily, Georgia tolerates her for the most part and likes the attention! But, most of all she loves to give Brooklyn hugs and kisses and to "talk" to her (this talking usually falls under the babbling category)!

Needless to say she is sooo full of personality and certainly keeps us busy and smiling!


Brooklyn is also doing very well! She is growing so fast - she will already pull her head and shoulders up trying to sit up. She hasn't quite figured out how to roll over yet, but we don't think it will be too much longer!

At her last weigh-in, she was just over 13 pounds. She is almost 4-months old and is wearing 3-6 month clothes, and even outgrowing some of them! I call her my "chunky monkey"! She has the chubbiest little thighs and cheeks!!!!

She is a happy baby and she loves to be talked to - she will give you the biggest smile if you just look at her and talk to her, regardless of what you are saying!

Her favorite things to do are to be held and to listen to Bella talk to her - she will just smile away when Bella talks to her and gives her kisses!

She seems to be growing so much faster than Bella - I just wish they could stay little longer!! They really do grow up way too fast!!

We hope everyone is doing well! I will post some updated pictures soon, I cannot do so on dial-up...

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