Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fun at the beach

Bella, Brooklyn and I went to the beach with their Nana (Brannon's mom, Dianne), their Great Grandmother (Brannon's mom's mom, Alma) and their Great Aunt (Brannon's mom's sister, Carolyn) and a little girl named, Kaylie. This was the first time that Bella and Brooklyn had been to the beach!

Bella liked running around in the sand and she'd let the water run over her feet and then run away squealing! Brooklyn didn't like water at all! We would
bend down to just let her feet touch the ground and as soon as the tips of her toes got close to the sand or water, she'd scream!! Kaylie really took to the water - even getting out in the Gulf in her float!

Bella and Kaylie having a snack at the condo. As you can see from this picture (and a few more in this post), Bella is into making smiley faces when
we take pictures. If you say "say cheese", the picture to the left is the result!

We went out onto the beach one night when the crowds were gone and just let the girls run around as they wanted and we took some pictures of them.

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