Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Birthday Morning

Bella had a great birthday (yes I know it was almost two weeks ago and I am just now posting...but at least I'm posting now)!!!

These are pictures from her actual birthday morning.

Here she is "discovering" her door decorations. I woke her up that morning because Brannon had to work and doesn't get home until 9 pm, so we wanted her to open her presents with all of us there. It took her a few minutes to wake up...

She got a ViewFinder and the Happy Feet, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Nemo reels that go along with it. It didn't take her long to figure out how to click through the reels as well as loading and unloading the reels all by herself!

Bella loves the camera - if I take our camera out and she sees me doing it, she runs up to me and says "cheese"! So she got a camera for her birthday - it takes pictures with real film, but she doesn't know that yet, but she likes to take pictures of herself as you can see from the picture!

Finally, she got a Bowling Set. It has 6 bowling pins and a blue bowling ball! She hasn't quite gotten the entire concept down, but she likes to play with it! She tends to throw the ball instead of rolling it towards the pins!

Of course, we had to have cupcakes on her real birthday! We waited until Daddy got home from work and then we all had cupcakes together.

YUM! YUM! This is good!

The lollipop feet are yummy too!

Oh, just one more PLEASE!?!?!?

Why not?!?!?!!?

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