Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Brooklyn's Bug Bite

While at Brannon's Grannie's house for Bella's birthday on Sunday (August 5th), Brooklyn was bitten by a bug and as you can see in the pictures had quite an allergic reaction to it.
We still do not know what it was that bit her, but we are assuming it was a spider. There were no bees or wasps or any other flying insects in the house that day and ther ewas no welp left behind. Whatever it was bit her behind her ear and she had a red rash from her ears all the way to her bottom!
We did not take her to the hospital as she never had any trouble breathing and while the rash itself was hot, she never ran a fever with it and she was playing, happy and eating well. We just gave her Benedryl and put her in a cool bath to try and calm the rash down. She still had a bit of the rash the next morning, but it was no longer hot to the touch and she cleared up within the day!
While all turned out well, she gave us a little scare.

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