Thursday, April 3, 2008


Brooklyn refused to stay out of the street on Sunday and people drive soooo fast down our street (and we live in the middle of nowhere rural Alabama)! So she was banished to the indoors. I was in the kitchen getting supper ready for that night as well as cooking ahead for the week, so I had to think of something to occupy her so I could be productive! I decided to put some dry beans in a loaf pan, give her a couple of little pans and a wooden spoon - SHE LOVED IT!!! Then she found my little broom and dustpan and tried to use that as well. There were dry beans all over my kitchen - but that's what a vaccum cleaner is for, right? P.S. - she only has one shoe on and no socks because she has this quirk where she is constantly taking off her shoes and socks (I mean every time we get in the car - they're off before we arrive at our destination)!

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