Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A few more conversations...


Last night we were driving home from school and I always try to get Bella to tell me about her day (I also ask Brooklyn but she usually just smiles at me)!
Bella bowed her head and got her "upset" face on and this was the conversation:

Bella: I bad at school today.
Me: You were bad at school today? What did you do?
Bella: Abby Tate (it is actually Abby Kate) hit me.
Me: Abby Kate hit you today? Did Abby Kate say she was sorry?
Bella: BIG PIG!! (haha - she had a library book in her lap about going to a farm and I guess she found a big pig)

So I don't know exactly what happened at school - but she was very glad when Abby Kate got there this morning - so I guess there were no hard feelings.

This conversation took place in the bathroom last night and again this morning while Bella was using her potty as a stool (I mean what else is a potty for) and making faces in the mirror:

Me: Bella, what are you doing in the bathroom?
Bella: I justa lookin at myself

This conversation took place this morning when I was getting Bella up to get dressed for school:

Me: (turning on light in my bedroom - b/c this is where Bella slept again last night)
Bella: It's too bright; turn light off; it's too bright
Me: Good morning. It's time to wake up - time to face the day
Bella: turn light off; it too bright!

She did finally get out of bed but then the usual battle of getting her dressed began! The joys of a 2-year old!

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