Tuesday, January 13, 2009

National Delurking Day

So apparently yesterday, December 12th (updated: National Delurking Day was actually JANUARY 12th - thanks Michelle - obviously I'm more sleep deprived than I thought), was National Delurking Day. What is "delurking" you ask? Well - a lurker is someone who reads a blog but doesn't comment - much like a stalker perhaps (just kidding)! Since I missed the "national day of delurking" - just leave me a comment if you read the blog but don't normally comment or leave me a comment even if you normally do! I know I've been a bit slack on the posts lately - but I a bit busy with 3, 3 and under and working from home...Perhaps if I get lots of comments, I'll go back to my posting every day (see November and December)!

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