Thursday, June 26, 2008

From the mouth of Bella...

Just a few things Bella has said lately that have left us laughing and/or shaking our heads wondering where she ever could have heard that!

  • Ah Man!!!!
  • I got to tell my friends (said this when I told her the swing set was arriving on Friday)
  • Momma, I hang these up with the magets! (that would be magNets, we do not have maggots in or around our home).
  • Momma, I not big, I still small...but I big enough (have no idea where this came from)!
  • Momma, hush! Brooke is sleeping (this has been said a couple of times while we are in the car and I'm talking to Brannon).
  • Momma, I otay..I just a little sick! (this was said on the way to school after she had coughed one time. I usually ask if they are okay after they cough, but I guess she anticipated the question -so she just gave me the answer - that's being proactive in my opinion)!
I know there are more, I just cannot think of any more right now! She definitely keeps us entertained!!!

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