Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tummy Aches, Ant Bites and Self-Removal of Diapers

Saturday morning was quite a morning! Brannon had to be at his office by 8 am, so it was just the girls and I! Bella was very restless all night Friday night as she slept (or attempted to sleep). I couldn't figure out what might be wrong with her - until she threw up in my bed! Luckily, it wasn't that bad and didn't even hit the bed (although the sheets got washed anyway)!! That got us out of bed for the day! I went in to get Brooklyn out of bed and when I put her on the changing table to change her diaper, she didn't have one on!!! I asked her where her diaper was and she started giggling and pointing to the diaper on the floor!! She had not only taken off her own diaper but had launched it across the room and of course, peed all in her bed! So I washed everything from her sheet to her bedskirt (thank goodness for mattress covers that protect the mattress)!!! I guess we'll be limiting her wearing of nightgowns and be sure to keep some pants on her!!!!
I assumed we were gearing up for a stomach virus to rip through our house. Bella got sick two more times before 9 am (the last time being in the truck)!! And she kept saying "I don't feel so good, my tummy hurts"! Poor thing. We had to go to town to get the oil changed in my truck and pick up some ginger-ale and crackers! She finally ate some crackers that afternoon and has been ok since!! We think what caused Bella to be sick were ant bites!!! We were at Nana and Pop's on Saturday night and Bella started showing us all her boo-boos and we noticed she had 5 on one foot, 3 on the other and one on her hand (or something like that - she had a lot!). She only weighs about 25 pounds - so that's alot of ant bites for such a little girl!!!
She is fine now and did fine at school yesterday! And so far, so no more self-removal of diapers for Miss Brooklyn!!!

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