Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Stephanie and Mr. Nielson were in a plane crash in August 2008. Their flight instructor and friend, Greg, was killed as a result. Stephanie and Mr. Nielson were severely burned in the accident. They spent months in a burn unit but are now home - still recovering.
I don't remember how I happened across Stephanie's blog, The NieNie Dialogues, but I did as well as her sister's blog, cjane. CJane updated her blog faithfully regarding the Neilson's recovery and she, along with other siblings, took in her sister's children while her sister and brother-in-law recovered. I've become "hooked" to both of their blogs...Yesterday's post by Stephanie, as most of her posts do, caused tears to well up in my eyes! Have a look - but you might want to grab a tissue...Yesterday's post was titled "A Mother"...Click here to read

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