Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Adventures of Bella in the Dryer

What started out as Bella innocently inspecting the lint trap on the dryer while I did laundry this morning, quickly turned into Bella's first visit inside the dryer!

She had absolutely no trouble getting into the dryer completely unassisted and is even providing you with a few tips for getting into the dryer, should you chose to try this at home.

Getting in the dryer

Simply put your left leg in while holding onto one of the "dryer spokes" with your left hand"

Once your left leg is firmly planted inside the dryer, continue holding the "dryer spoke" with your left hand, while bracing yourself on the bottom of the dryer opening with your right hand and pull your right leg into the dryer.

Now you're in.....

Now that you have successfully loaded your entire self in the dryer, simply turn around and pose for a picture (surely, if you are climbing in the dryer, someone will be there with a camera).

Now what to do while in the dryer!?!

To be honest, there really isn't much to do in the dryer except for open and close the door. Did you know that the little light goes off when you close the door? It gets pretty dark in there! I hope the clothes don't get scared...

Where did Bella go?

Here I am!

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