Friday, July 27, 2007

Bella's Birthday - Party #1 - The Gifts

Bella got some very fun gifts at her party!

Hey this card plays music! Bella loves these cards! She is still opening and closing that card!

Here she is opening her new stroller! She is very much into "walking" her babies (which may be actual baby dolls or her many stuffed animals) around in their stroller.

Much to my surprise, she really enjoyed opening the gifts wrapped in paper as opposed to those in bags. I would have thought she'd have an easier time tearing into the bags, but she was quite clever and had somehow already figured out where to tear into the paper wrapped gifts!!! Here she is ripping into one, which turned out to be Mumbo from Happy Feet (he even makes a tapping noise just like in the movie) and an oh-so soft Happy Feet blanket.

Here she is with her very own karoke/cd player! She loves to listen to music and sing and dance. She can carry the cd player around, but if it is somewhere she cannot reach she will get all pitiful and start dancing a little and saying "sing, sing"....
In addition to these gifts, she also got a very cute little bumble bee bear, a moo-cow flashlight, two puppets that make noise (a frog and a dog), a baby doll that can float in the bathtub or the pool with her, a coloring book, stickers and 5 new CDs! Needless to say she is having loads of fun playing with all her new toys and she still has two parties to go!

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