Friday, July 6, 2007

More of Brooklyn's Mobility Efforts

Brooklyn has the ability to crawl - we've seen her do it! However, she doesn't do it consistently - she does get from point A to point B with absolutely no problems - I just wouldn't necessarily classify the movement as crawling. She will crawl with one knee and then push herself with her other foot planted firmly on the ground.

She really enjoys being able to sit up and can do so very well! I think her ability to sit up distracted her from crawling a bit because she just enjoys sitting up so much! But like I said - she is crawling, especially when the motivation is good enough - i.e. she really wants a toy across the room!

She likes to get up on her feet and hands like this - it is pretty funny to watch! Usually she will have both feet flat on the ground, whereas in this pictures she only has one on the ground!

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