Friday, July 27, 2007

Bella's Birthday - Party #1 - The Cake

We went home to Anniston this past weekend to celebrate Bella's birthday with my side of the family. Here are a few pics of the "party".

Here is the cake that Grannie (or Ne-Ne - Bella cannot say Grannie yet, but she can say Ne-Ne) made for the party. It was very good!

And a picture of Bella with her cake - not sure why she had her hands up to her eyes like that, unless someone was playing peek-a-boo, where's Bella....It was a cute picture and she was smiling!

Ne-Ne also made a cake for Bella to "dig into". Most children would do just that - dig right in, but not Bella! She did put her finger into the icing.

She wanted a fork to eat the cake with!

At one point, she did have her teeth sunk into the cake for a little bite.

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