Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Outbreak...

Poor Bella - she's going to have to deal with this her whole life I guess. When she had her first outbreak at 5 months, the pediatriac dermatologist we saw had hoped that since it was such a bad outbreak - she might not get it again or that she might outgrow it. Doesn't look like that is going to happen.
I noticed her finger on Thursday, May 8th. I called the pediatrician that morning to get her the anti-viral medication - we had discussed the issue with the pediatrician at her 2-year well visit and she said that whenever she had an outbreak to just call and she would call something in. It was nice to not have to go to the doctor - especially when we know exactly what is. She took the medication like a champ - almost too well!! (Now she is constantly saying she needs her medicine and if you know us- we aren't big on giving them anything)!
I found these cotton finger covers that worked so much better than the sock. She wasn't too into wearing the sock this time - it is hard to use one's hands when it is covered with a sock! So these little covers worked great. And I used band-aids (a favorite of Bella's) to keep it in place on her finger.
It is mostly healed now - and she is always looking at it saying "my boo-boo all better now"!!

And please don't be alarmed that she has a band-aid on every single one of her fingers on that hand!! She insisted that she had boo-boos on ALL her fingers but it is really just the middle finger!! This child loves Band-aids - she went to school one day with about 10 on her legs and they asked if there had been some kind of accident!!

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