Monday, May 5, 2008

Notes from the Weekend

This weekend the girls and I headed to Anniston early on Saturday morning. We left around 6:30 am and arrived just before noon (pretty good time considering the weather and our little stop for a bit of shopping in Sylacauga at Buttons and Bows).
Our first stop was for lunch with Micky and Katie and Mi-Mi (my mom)! What a nice lunch it was, too! The girls were very well behaved (thank goodness)! Thanks for lunch Micky - it was great to see you and Katie too!
Our next stop was to find a dress for the girls to wear to Church on Sunday for Dalton's baptism. We were successful in the mission and both girls looked very cute at Church (but can you believe I didn't get any pictures of them in their dresses?!?!)--
The next stop of the day was to Da's (my dad) house! Michael (my brother) lives next door to my dad, so he brought his kids up to my dad's and here are the girl cousins saying hello and giving each other big hugs!

Then Bella felt that Whitney needed to have a bracelet to match her dress. So she is helping her get the bracelet on!

Then Mi-Mi and the girls were running around the yard and chasing each other!
Then Uncle Mike wanted everyone to go to his house and see his chickens and ducks...So we proceeded to his house and had a make shift "petting zoo"! The girls loved the ducks and chickens and the bunny rabbit.
A picture of Bella, Brooklyn and Uncle Mike.
After staying at my dad's house for a bit, we went to eat pizza at Mata's! Then after we finished eating, we headed to the ball field where we were able to catch the last couple of innings of DJ's ball game!! Unfortunately, they did not win the game - but they did score 9 runs!! Great job!!!

Sunday morning Dalton was baptized at the 11am Mass at Sacred Heart.

I didn't get any pictures of my nephews, DJ and Zach (other than DJ's ball game pictures), so hopefully my sister will update her blog with some recent pictures of the boys!

It was quite a busy weekend but we enjoyed seeing everyone! But it is a lot of driving to do with one person and 2 little ones!!!

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