Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Brooklyn at 18-Months


I took Brooklyn for her 18-month well visit on the 9th of May. She is doing great. Here are her stats at 18-months:
Weight: 21 pounds 6 ounces -- 10%
Height: 31 inches -- 50-75%
Head Circumference: 18 inches -- 75% (she appears to be a small child with a big brain - haha)


  • You baby should walk alone and begin to walk fast - Brooklyn has been walking since she was 11 months old and now if you tell her to do something and she doesn't want to and you go towards her to pick her up - she runs away giggling!
  • Self-feeds with fingers, drinks from a cup and uses a spoon - Brooklyn has fed herself since she started on table food. She only took a bottle maybe 10 times total - so the transition to a cup was no problem. If I do not give her a spoon/fork fast enough - she starts demanding asking for a fork.
  • Your baby should now have a 4-10 word vocabulary and a few two word sentences - When I started listing all the words Brooklyn could say the pediatrician was very pleased and commented "that's a lot of words for an 18-month old"! Her current vocabulary includes (but is not limited to): Momma, Da-Da, Nana, Pop, Mi-Mi, Paw-Paw, Georgia, Bebba (Bella), Wa-Wa (water), truck, ball, bow, please, nose, eye, ear, mouth, baby, more, mine, no (I know there are more - I just can't think of them right now).
  • Start to learn body parts - Brooklyn knows where all of the following are and will point to them when asked (except of course at the pediatrician's office): nose, ears, eyes, mouth (she opens her mouth very wide when you ask her where her mouth is), feet, toes, hands, fingers, belly.


  • Continue to exercise accident prevention - honestly - I feel like they are both accidents waiting to happen. It's only a matter of time given how much they climb and jump off things!
  • Avoid peanuts, gum, hard candies, hot dogs and popcorn - hmm...she likes nuts, don't give either of them gum or hard candies, she likes hotdogs and she likes popcorn (hello - movie night) - but she doesn't get any of the above without supervision....
  • Read to your baby. Begin as a bonding experience and continue to help your child develop early phonics and literacy - Brooklyn doesn't seem as interested in reading as Bella is (and was), but we keep trying and we're always looking at books for magazines (they get both Animal Babies and My Backyard in the mail) - so she is definitely exposed to it!
  • Off the bottle! - I just have to say how nice it was not to have to worry about this one! She has also totally stopped nursing (as of about a month or so ago). She pretty much did it on her own - so it wasn't too traumatic (on either of us).
  • Set limits with positive reinforcement to avoid temper tantrums - She has such a good example to follow with Bella that she is already spending so time in time-out!
  • Continue a regular bedtime routing including book reading - no nighttime bottle - Brooklyn goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 every night - we just ask her "are you ready to go nite-nite" and if she isn't, she'll say shake her head and say "no" and if she is, she'll walk into her room and start climbing on her crib! It's so easy right now - I dread moving her out of the crib!

Brooklyn was a bit more displeased with the doctor checking her over. I don't know what it was this time because last time she just sat in Brannon's lap and let the doctor do everything she needed. You may remember from her 12/15-month well visit - her iron levels were on the low side at 9. She has been on iron supplements to determine if she had an iron deficiency or if there was something else going on. When they pricked her finger (for which she didn't even cry!) - her levels were up to 10 - so they are holding off until her 2 year well visit to do the vein draw depending upon what her levels are at that point. (I was relieved they didn't have to do the vein draw)!! She got a new book at the doctor - Baa-Baa Black Sheep. They get a new book at each visit!

All in all she is doing great!

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