Monday, March 31, 2008

Conversations with a 2-year old

Here are some recent things Bella has said!

* Momma, you really need to get Brooke. Brooke is crying. Bella don't want take nap eifher. (This was last Saturday during what was supposed to be naptime. Bella kept coming in and out of her room and Brooklyn was obviously crying - neither took a nap that day)

* It's so wonderful (This has been said alot lately - one time was when we told her that she and Brannon were going to be planting flowers last weekend and she could watch them grow; another time was when I was telling her about her Easter party at school - which they missed because they got to spend the day with Nana instead)

* I got bones (She says this whenever she coughs - she'll adapt it to whoever is coughing - Brooke got bones; You got bones, Momma)

* You breakin my heart (This has been said a couple of times in the past week. First - we were in Walgreen's and she saw something she wanted and I told her no - she bowed her head, made the most pitiful "pouty" face and then looked at me and said that; another time was around 3 AM on Friday morning when I was telling her it was time to go to bed...)
* Look Momma, Bella get pretty. This Bella dress. (This was said Sunday when Brannon was getting the girls dressed for Church).
I know there are more - I wish I could record everything she says! She is talking more and more and I love the conversations we have together!

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