Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Random Pictures

Just some pictures of the girls from the past couple of weeks that I never got around to posting!
Brooklyn LOVES their little red wagon they got for Christmas! Everytime we go outside, she goes straight for the wagon, climbs in and tries to buckle herself in! Here Bella was pulling her around our yard!

Poor Bella must have been exhausted!! This was one evening during the week after an apparently hard day of playing at school!
The girls love to be in the bathroom with me in the mornings when I am getting ready (if you knew the size of our bathroom - you'd be amazed that we all three can fit in there together). We have a potty that really serves solely as a stool (for some reason Bella won't use the potty) and then Bella had brought in one of her chairs from their little table, so that both she and Brooklyn could have something stand on. I must have left the bathroom for a second and came back to find Brooklyn playing with the toilet paper!

This was a picture from one morning when Bella was not ready to get out of bed! She is too cute in the mornings - some mornings she will wake up and say "Mommy time to wake up, time to face the day" and other mornings she is not at all happy about having to get up!

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