Friday, March 14, 2008

"Nite, Nite"

Brooklyn goes to bed at 8 pm (sometimes earlier, especially now that she is in school she seems more tired in the evenings). We simply take her to her room, check her diaper, exchange kisses (and zerberts too) and then put her in her crib. Usually she will roll onto her belly, tuck her legs under her and go to sleep. Last night, she laid on her back and as we were walking out of her room she said "nite, nite" and waved! She is also showing less interest in nursing - only nursing at night and only for a very few minutes (maybe 3-5 minutes) before becoming distracted and off to something new...My baby isn't much of a baby anymore and for that I am sad (it's a good sad though - she is so much fun and so full of personality - it's just bittersweet)!

This was Brooklyn at 3-weeks old....

And this is Brooklyn today...

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