Thursday, February 28, 2008

First and Second Day(s) of "School" Pictures

Here are the girls on their first and second day of school! They seem to be doing pretty well with the transition. We are told that they are having good days and playing well with the other kids! Brooklyn has been terribly cranky in the evenings, which is very unusual for her - she has always been the happiest little creature!! But it's only been a week, and not even a full one at that.
These are from Day 1 of "school"! On this day, Brooklyn could have cared less that I left - she was off exploring and getting into everything she could!! Bella had a bit of a rough go but did great!
She was not upset about going to "school", but did not want to have her picture taken!
But when she peeked over, I managed to snap the picture!!!

These are from Tuesday - Day 2 of "school"! When we got to school, Bella was excited to be back at "her" school and her only concern was "you come back Momma?". Brooklyn, on the other hand, was not at all happy about me leaving her at school! I was told, however, that pretty much as soon as I left, she stopped crying and did just fine and played well with the other kids! She has continued to cry each day this week upon my departure, which breaks my heart, but they assure me that she is not crying for long after I leave!

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