Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Room Arrangement

On Sunday, Bella was in time-out for a very long time because she would not stay in time-out and serve her 2-minute sentence. As a result of not staying time-out, she started "losing" things from her room until her room was completely empty (I'm not joking - everything except her dresser was out of her room)! After she finally served her 2-minute time out (that only took an hour and half to do), we put everything back in her room. I decided to rearrange her furniture a bit. I moved her bed to the middle of the room and used the canopy that she had over her bed to make a little "reading area" for the girls! Bella loves to read - actually preferring books to toys most times and Brooklyn does show interest in reading - but she won't quite sit still for a book yet. Here they are in their "reading nook"!

Perhaps, I need to get her an ottoman to rest her feet upon!

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