Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Unexpected Visit....

On Saturday morning, I received a phone call from one of our friends in Atlanta asking if we'd be up for visitors later that day! I was very productive Saturday morning having done 4 loads of wash, cooked breakfast, cleaned out the girls' toys (again), cleaned both their rooms and the bathroom - all before she called! Of course - I would not have told them no if my house had not been cleaned, but it was nice that it had been cleaned!!! The girls and I went on with our day - had some lunch, took naps and waited for Daddy to get home. Then we had supper and waited for our visitors to arrive!
Brannon and Scott are both Chiropractors and they met at Life and when they finally decided to introduce us wives to each other - we all became fast friends! Miche and I are both accountants! They have three kids - Jacob will be 6 in October, Lauren turned 3 this past April and David will be 1 in October (Lauren and Bella are 14 weeks apart)! I used to be Jacob's girlfriend - but then I went and had a baby and couldn't devote all my attention to him, so he dumped me!!
Here are some pictures from their visit!
All the kiddos: (L-R) Jacob, David, Bella, Brooklyn, and Lauren

Jacob, David, Bella and Brooklyn

David and Bella

Playing in Brooklyn's room

Bella has a Mumbo (from Happy Feet) stuffed animal that makes the dancing feet noise when you push his paw and Jacob liked it - so they proceeded to wrestle over it!
Somehow Bella prevailed!!

Jacob "catching a fish" with Brooklyn!

Brooklyn was fascinated with David!!
Giving David a kiss....
While the visit was short - it was great to see them all!!!

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