Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Aunt Dee

Gloria Cox, aka Aunt Dee, February 4, 1928 - April 14, 2009. She was 81 years old. Aunt Dee is my {maternal} grandmother's older sister. I did not know her very well, but she and my mom were quite close. The biggest thing I do remember first hand was her love for animals! She always had Irish Wolfhounds - two, in particular, that I remember are James and Frog. Frog was a white Irish Wolfhound and James was a BIG gray one who did not know he was big - he literally thought he was a lap dog! The biggest thing I remember hearing my mom talk about was Aunt Dee's ability to grow lollipops when my mom was little.
Dee was preceded in death by her husband, Buddy, a son, Bruce and a brother, Ivan. She is survived by two siblings, a sister, Carol and a brother, Garth and his wife Lil, and many others who loved her.
Rest in peace, Aunt Dee - you are already missed!

Left to right: Carol (my Grandma), Pauline (my mom), and Aunt Dee, circa 1999.

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