Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Update on Pop

Updated 4/9/2009: Pop did not get discharged yesterday. He is hoping to be discharged today to the extended stay facility and then to the Rotary House. He is doing ok - a few effects from the chemo - vomitting and he has fainted twice now. All in all - they are saying he is handling it fine.
We talked to Nana and Pop last night. Pop sounded tired and weak - but he is still doing well (given the circumstances). He finished his first round of chemo yesterday (Tuesday, 4/7) and was expecting to be discharged today. They will stay in Texas so that his bloodwork can be monitored. He begins his second round of chemo on 4/23. In between now and then - he is hoping to come home even if for just a few days. But that will depend on how his bloodwork looks!
I've included some pictures of Pop and his girls - these are from late last year...

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