Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A "Sick" Day

Last Friday - I went to an early lunch so that I could stop by the grocery store to get cupcakes to take to school for Brooklyn's birthday. So I ended up just getting a cake (cupcake selection wasn't very good - if I'd been a bit more energetic, I would have made them myself), but I digress. Bella had mentioned that morning that she didn't feel good - but she says this alot (we think because she gets attention when she says it)! But when I got to school - they were taking her temperature and she looked pitiful - her temp registered at 101, so I brought her with me back to the office for the afternoon.
She was very well behaved - she napped for almost two hours and then occuppied her time by coloring, drawing, snacking on some powdered donuts and playing with some stickers we found!
Here she is napping on my office floor...

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