Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A little excitement at work...

On October 22nd - we had a bit of excitement at our office. Our plant manager came over to the office from the plant and told us that we had a time sensitive situation and that we should lock the doors and no one should be let in and none of us should leave the building. Within a few minutes, several Sherrif's department Tahoes came down our driveway! They exited their vehicles and starting putting their bullet proof vests on (the really heavy duty ones) and pulling out their weapons. They also had the Prison K-9 units there. Needless to say we were very curious about what was going on and a bit nervous.
As it turns out, our plant manager had seen a guy walking along our fence line and he had no shirt on, his back pocket was ripped, and he was covered in mud up to his knees. So he had called the Sheriff's department, who had apparently already been following this guy because they were at our location with about 90 seconds. In the end - they had the dogs searching for the guy, several sheriff's deputies, the Alabama State Patrol helicopter circling overhead, and law enforcement vehicles located about every 50 feet along a stretch of the highway upon which we are situated. They did catch the individual about 2 hours after it all started!
Here are some pictures I took looking out the small window located on our front door and out our back wind0w.


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