Tuesday, January 22, 2008

2-more weeks!

The girls and I went to the orthopaedic this afternoon for Bella's 2-week follow-up appointment. They took an X-Ray and it looks to have healed nicely. There is still a bit of an outline of the break/fracture (they are used synomously) but that was not a big deal - it was healing nicely. I could tell the doctor was not 100% comfortable with her not wearing the cast anymore, but he was reluctant to tell me she needed to wear it. I told him to tell me what to do (this is his speciality after all)! His concern was that if she did fall on it, it would break easier. He was still debating this in his head, when she slipped off the stool in the room and bumped her head. He immediately said "put it back on before you leave the office!" HAHA!! It was pretty comical. So we are still in the cast for 2 more weeks, making it a total of 4 weeks! We do not have to go back to see him again though! All is well!

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