Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bella and Georgia

Georgia has gotten to where she likes sleeping on Bella's bed - it is low to the ground and our bed (where Georgia usually sleeps) is pretty high off the ground, plus we do not have any type of carpets or rugs in our room - so Georgia has a very hard time getting into the bed. While Bella was settling down for her nap - Georgia got into her bed with her. She came out of her room to ask me "Georgia sleep Bella's bed?". I told her if she wanted her to, that was fine and she ran off very happy (usually she wants Georgia out of her room at naptime or bedtime)! After I finished straightening up our bed - I peeked into Bella's room and she was "showing" Georgia her new bracelets from Aunt Jenny - too cute!! I told Bella to smile and she did - so here is a pic of Georgia and Bella!

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