Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why is it so?

So I was "lurking" on some blogs of complete strangers and came across this one and had myself a good cry after reading this entry, titled One Last Hug, about a 4-year old boy named Julian! Then tonight my brother calls and tell me that, Bronner, the 2-year old son of Rick and Sherri Burgess died in a drowning accident. Click here for the article that was on ABC 33/40. And then there are those 4 babies thrown from the bridge a week ago. Click here for the timeline on that story (they do believe to have found the fourth and final body over the weekend). Our thoughts and prayers are with these families as they go through this most difficult time.

I know everything happens for a reason and we aren't supposed to question things - but I just wonder why it has to be this way sometimes....So, today I am especially thankful for my cranky 14-month old who has screamed most of the day and for my very defiant two year old who has hit her sister over the head more than once today - because it means that they are still here with me!

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