Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More Sleep Issues...

I thought for sure the girls would sleep last night, if for no other reason than to catch up from Sunday night! Since Brannon had to be at work so early, we really enforced our 8 pm bedtime. Brooklyn again is no problem - you just lay her down and she can't get out of her crib, so that is that. Bella , on the other hand, is usually a fighter when it comes to bedtime. She did fight it a bit, but I wasn't giving in last night. We said our prayers, gave "hugs kisses" and I left her room. She of course followed, but she eventually stayed (after I told her I was going to close her door). I covered her up and she was reading her princess book and I remembered that I had a book light (which is need of a new battery, so it isn't too bright) and I took that into her and she thought that was great. After about 45 minutes, she was fast asleep!! All was good in our house. Then around 10:30, Brooklyn woke up screaming. I got up with her and we sat on the couch. Bella woke up, but I simply told her to go on back to bed and she did (woo-hoo)! Brooklyn nursed and fell back asleep, so silly me, I thought it was safe to put her back in her bed - HAHA, joke's on me! After trying several times to put her in her bed, I gave in to her and we slept on the couch until around 2:30 when I was able to put her in her bed.
So while, Bella did GREAT with bedtime and sleeping in her own bed last night, Brooklyn must have needed some extra one-on-one Mommy time! She is cutting two back teeth/molars and I think they must be giving her a hard time because she normally sleeps all night.

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