Monday, January 7, 2008

Bella Goes to the Emergency Room and Leaves with a Cast

So I didn't get many pictures from last night - Brannon gives me a hard enough time about always wanting to take pictures and post them here...But as traumatic as this might be for her - it is a milestone and one she is reaching too early! I don't think I broke my first arm until I was 7...She's already an over-achiever - haha!
Here she is on the way to the Emergency Room - I went ahead and put them both in their pajamas after she fell. I wasn't sure at that point that we would be going to the ER, but I knew we might be in for a long night! She has her favorite blanket, her Monk and I had her princess book in the bag to read while we waited.
Here she is after they casted/splinted her arm. She wasn't a happy camper at this point. She had been asleep and then she woke up and was screaming unconsolably (is that a word?) and then they casted it. Poor baby...
And here is the "sleeve" I made to cover the ace bandage! She picked out the fabric this morning. She seemed quite pleased with my work! Although - I did not get a "Good Job, Mommy" like I normally do....
We go to the orthopaedic doctor tomorrow afternoon, so I will post another update then! Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and well wishes to Bella!

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