Sunday, January 13, 2008

Things I Want to Remember

At nearly 2 1/2:
  • You certainly know what you want and aren't afraid to tell anybody!
  • You call Brooklyn "Baby Brooke".
  • You love Baby Brooke and are protective of her!
  • You go to work either at Wal-Mart, the Casino, or the Office.
  • You think you can get anything and everything from Wal-Mart!
  • You love Band-Aids!
  • You love to watch movies. Some favorites are: Cinderella, Peter Pan, Return to Neverland (i.e.: Tinkerbell movie), Alladin, Curious George, Princess Movies (the one that has all the Disney Princesses in it - you call it "Gift from Heart" because one of the "episodes" is titled "A Gift from the Heart").
  • You like to watch Wizard of Oz and aren't scared by the flying monkeys or the Wicked Witch!
  • You love to watch Micky Mouse Clubhouse!
  • You love to be read to - right now we are constantly reading from your Disney's Princess Collection book you received for Christmas.
  • You know your last name, your mommy's "real" name, your daddy's "real name".
  • You like sleeping in mommy's bed. When you do so - you usually sleep with your foot in Daddy's face!
  • You fell and fractured your arm!
  • You still are not potty trained and some days I wonder if you ever will be!
  • You say "no" ALOT!
  • You say "yessa ma'am" and "no ma'am", most of the time.
  • You say "please" and "thank you".
  • You say "How about..." when you want something (for example, when picking out a movie - you'll say "How about Tinkerbell").
  • You say "OH" when we tell you something new.
  • Your speech is getting better everyday. You are putting more and more sentences together.
  • You've recently started talking about monsters and you've even put these monsters in the corner!
  • You are growing up WAY TOO FAST!

At 14 months:
  • You are happiest little girl I've seen - you wake up with a smile and wear one most of the day.
  • You give the sweetest kisses - with sweet sound effects and all.
  • You love to carry your monkeys by their tails and you suck on their tails!
  • You get so excited when Daddy comes home from work - you just squeal and squeal when he opens the door!
  • You know that Georgia says "aarf"!
  • You can say "daddy", "momma", and "georgia"
  • You can sign "milk" (aka - wants to nurse), "please", "drink", "eat" and "more"
  • You know where your nose is.
  • You are starting to throw tantrums when things don't go as you think they should.
  • You are not a baby anymore!
  • You nod your head "yes" and "no". The "yes" nod is so very cute!
  • You are growing up WAY TOO FAST!

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