Monday, January 28, 2008

Our day...

I just couldn't leave that last post up as the first post people see! While, yes, it was a rough night - that is just part of having kids!! They have been surprisingly good today- I was ready for them to be grumpy grouches all day!! This morning I folded up some more clothes (I swear does the laundry ever get done?) while the girls played and watched Pochantas on Disney, then I fixed the girls spaghetti for lunch, we went and checked the mail, and the girls took their naps (an hour and a half, at that) and I got Brannon's clothes ironed for work tomorrow (he has to be there at 5 AM!!)! Everyone has been up for about an hour now and we are having our afternoon snack - yummy cinnamon rolls with icing, of course and watching Mickey Mouse!
Bella received her (well, their) most recent issue of Animal Baby magazine! She briefly looked through while I finished up Brannon's work clothes. We will sit down and read it together later.

Here is Brooklyn showing off her coolness with her red shades on!!!

Here they are enjoying their cinnamon rolls! Bella just said to me: "these are good, Momma"!

Hope you are all having a great Monday!

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