Saturday, January 26, 2008

My List of Things to Do Today

Brannon's work schedule has been changed once again and he now has to work all day (12 hours) on Saturdays. So, the girls and I are flying solo for another day. Here is what our day has been like:
* Clean bathroom -- DONE
* Scrub bathroom floor -- DONE
* Empty dishwasher and reload dishwasher -- DONE
* Clean kitchen -- DONE
* Wash sheets -- DONE
* Make bed with clean sheets -- DONE
* Climb Mt. Laundry -- In Progress - load in wash and load in dryer; all that has been washed/dried is folded and put away
* Pick up Brooklyn's room -- DONE
* Pick up Bella's room -- DONE
* Vaccuum -- DONE (at least until the girls dumped their popcorn boxes onto the floor)
* Bathe dog (clean sheets require a clean dog) -- DONE
* Prepare dinner -- 30 more minutes until I need to start that
* Get girls to nap -- DONE (they napped for almost 2 whole hours)

I even managed to make myself a salad, eat it and catch up on an episode of Monk (still a week behind, though)!

Hope everyone is having a Happy Saturday!! Our's has at least been productive!

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