Monday, January 7, 2008

Last Night's Excitement

I was cooking dinner last night and the girls were playing (nicely) together. They were playing in their rooms - play for a few minutes in Bella's, then run to Brooklyn's. All seemed fine - until I heard Bella SCREAM! At first it seemed like her normal "I've fallen" scream, so to be honest, I didn't rush right to her (bad Mommy)! Well, it got worse and she was still screaming. By this point I'd headed in there but she was almost all the way to me. She kept saying "wrist". I got her some ice and held her. It started to swell and she continued to cry! It was almost time for Brannon to be getting off work but I called anyway to try and hurry him home. He got here and she had fallen asleep in my arms but was still whimpering and it was swollen. So...we headed for the Emergency Room in Bay Minette (they have better x-ray equipment). We left the house around 8 pm and got there by about 8:30, signed in and waited! We got back to Triage and had the best nurse (who also happened to be the mother of the chiropractor we bought Brannon's equipment from)! She was so good and patient with Bella, who was a bit crabby - it was late, she hadn't napped and we hadn't eaten supper at this point either! We were sent to registration and then back to the waiting room! Nancy (the nurse) was so sweet and actually took us back to our own room to get Bella away from all the germs in the ER! Brannon went to get something to eat while Bella and I waited, waited, waited and waited! We got X-rays and sure enough she has a "buckle fracture" in her left wrist. It isn't a complete "break", but you could definitely see it on the x-rays (even I could see it)! So they put it in a splint/cast with the fiberglass stuff and put an ace bandage over that! It was after midnight before we got out of the ER and then it was 12:45 by the time we got home. Brooklyn had stayed with her Nana and Paw-Paw (Brannon's dad and his wife). We have an appointment with an orthopaedic doctor tomorrow afternoon for our follow-up - will post more then. I do have a few pictures and will post those later today!

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