Monday, January 28, 2008

Oh What A Night!

The girls spent the day with Nana and Pop yesterday. Brannon and Roger (aka Pop) moved some equipment out of his office and back into storage (office was getting too crowded and this isn't equipment he uses on a regular basis). Nana cooked supper for us and then we brought the girls home! All seemed well as the girls fell fast asleep in the truck on the drive home. Brannon and I even commented to each other "can we do bedtime like this every night?" (specifically with Bella)! I went to bed and read my book (YAY!!) and Brannon worked on catching up on some of his shows that we record. I think he came to bed around 10:30 or so (I was already asleep). Not five minutes after he came to bed, Bella woke up crying. He went and got her and put her in bed with us. She tossed and turned, turned and tossed, cried, fussed...I ended up getting up with her and trying to get her to sleep in the living room. She continued to fuss and be restless and soon Brooklyn woke up. This makes things interesting because when Brooklyn wakes up like this I nurse her and she usually goes right back to sleep..It is interesting because Bella also wanted to be in my lap - kind of hard! Brooklyn did go back to sleep and I put her back in bed. Bella continued her restlessness and Brooklyn, of course, woke up again. So now everyone is up - Brannon got up too. We watched some TV - tried to put Brooklyn back to sleep with no success. Georgia was up during all this too and got sick - so now we're cleaning up dog puke, too! Finally, around 2:30 this morning, I put Brooklyn back in her bed and she went to sleep. Bella never did really calm down - the three of us eventually went back to our bed and she slept on me most of the night - what was left of it! Brannon had to be at the office for an 8 am appointment - hopefully he made it in time - it was close considering he didn't leave until around 7:35 and it is usuallly a 30 minute drive! Brooklyn was up a little before 7 this morning and I woke up Bella a little before 8 - I wasn't letting her sleep the day away! She was not the least bit happy about waking up. I was singing "good morning, good morning, it's time to face the day" and her response was "no good morning, no face day"!! HAHA - I have become my mother singing to my children!!
Anyway - Brooklyn woke up in a good mood, as usual! Here she is playing on their table (which they got for Christmas 2006) with her abiscus she got for Christmas!

And here is Bella from this morning. After I woke her up and took her out of our bed and straightened the covers, she proceeded to climb back up and get back under the covers!

Happy Monday to Everyone!

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